A premium choice for location automotive photography, Greymass captures images that showcase the high quality and controlled technique of studio lighting while being on location. Based out of Sault Ste. Marie and traveling throughout Ontario and Quebec, provides a unique ability to capture vehicles in a variety of locations in both city and rural landscapes


At Greymass our ability to adapt and customize your onsite photo session to suite the location, lighting and most importantly the car or motorcycle is second to none. Ambient lighting coupled with a strong use of strobes and light modifiers create crisp, clean high quality images that demand viewer attention. The images shown throughout this page are great examples. More can be viewed through the social media links below.

"Vehicles at Night" is a unique take on automobile photography. Offering dusk and night photo sessions helps create a unique image to complement custom bikes, cars, hot rods, and paint jobs. It is a fantastic way to showcase your prize possession and hours of hard work.

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